2016 Master of Fine Arts, Whitecliffe College of Art and Design, Auckland, NZ.


I was born into a farming family on the Kaipara Harbour.  We lived remotely and my three brothers nearly a decade older than me meant I spent a lot of time alone, riding horses on that coastline, imagining.


Painting found me many years later after the birth of my daughter.  I met and was inspired by the wonderful Joan Fear. She introduced me to ideas, the quality of paint and the importance of an enquiring mind. Over years of painting, reading and looking, largely self taught I developed a practise of my own.  Layering the events of my life into my practise, I developed assemblage works that were paintings broken apart. I was interested in the space between the moments, as a way to find peace and freedom. The breaking up created material, to use to make a work.  The reassembled material had something fresh and interesting that the original artwork did not.


After many years of making I was ready to throw everything out and start fresh. I completed a MFA, and have moved my practise into sculpture, realising a love for form and material.  Material is infinitely interesting to me, its a vehicle for form and it is uncompromisingly what is. The challenge of working with and constantly learning from the experience of material is deeply satisfying and full of potential.  It is for me a life-long quest.